About us

Buy quality jellyfish

Jellyfish Farm is the first German specialist retailer of live jellyfish. In addition to professional breeding and distribution of jellyfish, we offer expert consulting services for commercial breeding and keeping of jellyfish: tank planning for both aquariums and breeding facilities, optimization, and species-appropriate care. Thanks to many years of experience with jellyfish breeding and aquaristics, and an international network of suppliers and specialists we are able to offer several species of jellyfish all year round - from larvae to adult medusae. Our customers include renowned universities, zoos, public aquariums, and retailers.



Breeding Facility

Aquaculture and jellyfish: optimal growth in a closed system
Our breeding facility uses custom-built tanks that we specifically developed for the needs of jellyfish breeding. In these closed containment systems, we breed most common species of jellyfish. Our facility consists of several different systems and temperature ranges to ensure the best possible housing conditions for each species. We also produce life feed such as phyto- and zooplankton in-house in special systems. By doing this, we ensure that no external parasites are introduced to the system. This system also allows us to offer several species of jellyfish all year round. See our current selection at our products.


Aquarium Planning and Consultation

Your custom jellyfish aquarium

We are specialists for planning and design of jellyfish breeding tanks and display aquariums. We carry all systems that we use and design ourselves. We are happy to discuss and estimate costs, please contact us. We highly recommend consulting our team of experts ahead of any purchase, in particular regarding the individual needs of specific jellyfish. Together, we will develop a comprehensive concept for correct stocking, tank size, from lighting to optimal water flow and feed composition - for new or existing jellyfish aquariums, for commercial use or jellyfish in your lobby; all custom-tailored to your requirements.